Cyberpunk/Sci-fi Alley

Here’s a quick and cliche cyberpunk alley environment scene I put together in Unity.

Ok, so it wasn’t so quick. I started on the base of this late in 2017 when Unity put out the Neon demo and followed up with the contest of the same name. (My work for the Neon contest ended in catastrophe when Adobe Premiere crashed at the last few minutes before entries closed but that’s another story.)

I didn’t do much initially but add some post effects and a drone to an existing asset and then forgot about it. In early 2018 I came back and revamped the scene, adding some sci-fi elements, volumetric area lights that were used in the ADAM demo and some other elements before shelving it for a while.

Fast forward to 2019 and here we are with the result of some asset sale items and a bit more work. The “Cyber Hunter” and “Cyber Prisoner” characters from Maxim Bugrimov were grabbed during a holiday sale for dirt cheap. The cyborg lady is simply a free character from the Mixamo character archive.

Cheap is good. Free is better (sometimes.)

A free hovercraft is floating in the far corners of the alley and the vehicles passing through the sky are assorted free spaceships from the Unity Asset Store.

Most of the architecture is comprised of a once free sci-fi construction set and a $6 “Dark City” environment asset.

Cobbled together elements make for the requisite techno-dystopia.

The usual addons and post effects such as Cinemachine, Beautify, Amplify Color, Unity Post Processing Stack v2 are present.

Output was to PNG image sequence since Unity’s Recorder makes some really trash mp4 videos on its own.

The starting alley is literally smoke and mirrors.
Zoomed out shot of the actual environment setup.