Панихида (Requiem) – WIP

I recently started on this scene in Blender after working with a similar but more elaborate scene based on Baz Lurhman’s Romeo & Juliet death scene. While I hope to one day get back to that one, this scene is much less involved and easier to work with…so far at least.

It’s composed primarily of a free 3D skull model and some cheap architectural elements from cgtrader.com that I nabbed from a sale. The curtains were from archive3d.com and all of the texturing was done by yours truly in Substance Painter.

The roses presented a problem since UV unwrapping the petals would be a chore. Blender’s Smart UV Unwrap didn’t do the best job but for what this is, it’s passable.

The velvet texture on the curtains is a Cycles procedural material I created out of a Principled BDSF and a Velvet BDSF. Again, not perfect but it seems to do the job here for a quickie.

The title, Панихида (Panikhida) is from a Russian/Eastern Orthodox funeral rite and while the particular architectural elements are more Baroque style, the eerie baso profundo dirge (Chesnokov – Panikhida Op. 39-15 Memory Eternal) seemed to fit really well.